What To Wear

OK, it’s Memorial Day Weekend. It’s the Indy 500. It’s the doorstep of summer. It’s an outdoor party.

So you have a pretty good idea on what to wear at the Snake Pit. But hey, we’re helpful types here at IMS, so here are a few stylin’ suggestions just in case:

  • Race Day ticket and Snake Pit wristband. Don’t leave home without these!

  • Anything checkered or red, white and blue

  • Fanny pack or small backpack

  • Sunscreen (Protect and Serve)

  • Deodorant (‘Nuff Said.)

  • Swimsuit (You’re probably going to get wet at some point.  So you should be prepared – and work on getting a tan on as much of your bod as legally possible.)

  • Amurica-gear (Yes, that means cut-offs and jorts.)

  • Dress or romper

  • Hat (Keep cool. Look cool.)

  • Sunglasses (Protect those eyes so you can see all the sights.  Fashionable, too.  We give free Indy 500 shades on the Snake Pit Tour.)