You’ve probably got the 411 on Snake Pit details through this website. But here are a few more tips to ensure your day is perfect:

  • Take a Shuttle or Carpool with your friends. Save gas. Save hassles. Designate a driver.

  • Arrive early. Gates open at 5:30am.

  • ATM Fees are Cra-Bring Cash and don’t forget your I.D.

  • Parking inside of Turn 3 costs $50. Parking is free just north of the track (North 40) while supplies last.  Shuttle is only $35-just sayin’.

  • Sleep tight the night before and stay hydrated. (Yeah, we sound like Mother. But Mother always knows best.)

  • Eat breakfast. (You need fuel in your tank to party!)

  • Wear comfy shoes. (The Speedway is a big place, putting it mildly. It’s freaking HUGE.)

  • Once you arrive, find a meeting spot in case you lose your friends. (Nearly 300,000 people are trying to use cell phones on Race Day at IMS, and cell towers can get buzzed with crossed signals. Cell reception sometimes can resemble two tin cans connected by a string.)

  • Beer and liquor will be served at the bars located throughout the event for those who are 21 years of age or older, with proper ID.