Inside The Snake Pit

Indy 500 Snake Pit

For generations, the Indy 500 Snake Pit has been the center of race fan revelry in the center of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway oval. Parties in the Snake Pit celebrate the race, the beginning of summer in Indianapolis and life itself.

Today the Snake Pit is a celebration of EDM, with great young musical talent showcasing their sounds for thousands of young fans. The sounds begin early on Race Day morning and are eventually joined by the roar of 33 race cars in “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing,” creating an unforgettable scene.

Facility Map

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Facility Map

What to Wear / Bring

It’s Memorial Day Weekend. It’s the Indy 500. It’s the doorstep of summer. It’s an outdoor party. Drinking plenty of water throughout the weekend is vital to your health and safety. Drink water at regular intervals, especially in warm weather, and be sure to stay hydrated on the days leading up to Race Day.

See our list below containing prohibited items at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Indy 500 Snake Pit presented by Coors Light:

  • ● Weapons, including pocketknives, firearms and ammunition, of any kind.
  • ● Fireworks and flares.
  • ● Flagpoles.
  • ● Unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly known as a drones and also referred to as remotely piloted aircrafts, and similar remote controlled devices.
  • ● Selfie Sticks.
  • ● Animals (except service animals assisting guests who are disabled).
  • ● Lasers of any kind.
  • ● Roller blades, skateboards, skates, hover boards and scooters.
  • ● Golf carts.
  • ● Coolers larger than 18″ x 14″ x 14″.
  • ● Glass containers.
  • ● Stickers.
  • ● Scaffolding or platforms.
  • ● Illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia.
  • ● Permanent Markers.
  • ● Sampling or Flyers of Any Kind.
  • ● Aerosol Cans.
  • ● Professional Cameras (Concerts Only).
  • ● Audio/Video recording equipment (Concerts Only).
  • ● Any other items not mentioned that may pose a safety hazard or diminish the enjoyment of the event by other guests.


Come prepared for all types of weather, and definitely dress for comfort. Wear lightweight, breathable clothes that make you feel good. If you choose to wear heavy fabrics or long-sleeved apparel, remember to stay hydrated. Comfortable sneakers are the best way to go, especially if you’re planning to tear up the dancefloor. Sandals and flip-flops can make for sore feet.

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The Snake Pit has a long, colorful history at IMS. It’s part urban legend, but some of the craziness described by your parents, grandparents or aunts and uncles definitely happened!

Fans started to gather in the infield at IMS as early as the 1920s. But the hearty partying didn’t start until the 1970s in the infield inside Turn 1, which became known as the infamous Snake Pit.

What exactly happened in those days in the original Snake Pit? It’s probably easier to describe what didn’t happen. Let’s just say almost anything went in the quest for a good time among the young and the young at heart of the Midwest.

Streaking. Stripping. Booze. Brawls. Football. Frisbees. Music. Bikers. Students. The Snake Pit was a combination of Woodstock and Spring Break for thousands of Midwestern kids.

But times and attitudes changed, as did the look of the Speedway. Grandstands were built inside Turn 1, which crimped the style of many in the Snake Pit.

The Snake Pit eventually faded away by the mid-1990s. But it’s back, baby – now in Turn 3 and with the blessing of the brass at IMS.

No, this isn’t your mom and dad’s Snake Pit. That was a one-of-a-kind place, for better or worse. But the new Snake Pit still has the attitude, spirit and mojo of the original. It’s the ultimate place to party during the Indianapolis 500.

Snake Pit in the 1980s